01/08/2018 - 14:30 - 17:00


In this playful workshop we weave together working with our bodies, myth, Goddess, Moon and cycle…all eight (!!) phases.

How do you stay true to your natural feminine rhythm and personal timing in our hectic goal-oriented and patriarchal society?

You might wonder how to do that? Is it even possible with demanding deadlines, clients and kids/pets/lovers/family and friends? How to access the deep wisdom of your body and enjoy your liveliness to the fullest.

We all know that our cycle, the Moon cycle and the cycle of the year bring different phases with different qualities. Mostly, our cycle, like that of the Moon, is split into four: Menstruation (Dark Moon), Follicular (First Quarter), Ovulation (Full Moon), Luteal (Last Quarter). During Walking on the Moon, we not only ‘’walk through’’ these four more familiar phases, but dis-cover the four complementary connecting paths as well. You will experience, from within, this lively flower-shaped ‘’model’’ and all its different energies, qualities and dynamics, enlivened with day to day practical examples. Each phase is accompanied by a Goddess archetype and a preferential space that She needs as your helper; She is your personal guide during that phase. Harvesting Her qualities during Her phase will greatly enhance your vitality, while you rest more and create more. Every cycle you come closer to your Source.

We will fill you with insights and practical tips so that you feel supported to start walking on your own moon and enjoy its power in your day-to-day life!

Karin Persons and Leonie Brakels-Stout will share their knowledge and experience about the female cycle and the wisdom of the moon. In 2016-17 they started ‘Business on the moon’, a unique series of workshops to learn how to implement your natural rhythm in your business and/or personal life. Our vision: Healthy personal Leadership keeps into account and integrates Rhythms of Self, co-workers and external Rhythms. The roadmap to personal and business goals is paved and supported by the motion and movement that comes from tuning into thes Rhythms. Working and living this way naturally creates spiral growth, both on a personal and professional level, that supports Mother Earth and Self.


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